The 5 Key Items of 2019

Top 5 impact items of 2019

The Kapital fleece

Kapital FW19 Fleeces | THIRD LOOKSThe fleece was the staple fashion week piece throughout the back end of 2018 and that transitioned into 2019 with no brand capitalising (pardon the pun) more than kapital. The brand more known for intricate reconstruction of denim and smiley faces came through consistently, becoming arguably the pinnacle of the designer fleece (excluding the Patagonia which will always remain the true classic). From the more lowkey geometric pattered released in the FW18 collection to the leopard print released in the SS20 the kapital fleece remains planted firmly in the limelight exceeding in both design, quality  and practicality and I mean, isn’t that the definition of the perfect piece?

Louis Vuitton monogram admiral jacket

Monogram Admiral Jacket - Ready-to-Wear | LOUIS VUITTONX4

The admiral jacket was the standout piece of the 2nd virgil Abloh show. Doing what virgil tends to, latching onto trends, he jumped onto the growing tactical and military trends and elevated it. The piece itself is a credit to the craftsmanship that Louis Vuitton possesses, combining the difficult task of modernising a jacket that has been around for centuries whilst using the iconic monogram canvas to do so the jacket then went one step further and introduced the tactical element which was in its prime through the addition of several products and the removable golden clasp belt. The garment itself I don’t think has been worn to a major degree (maybe due to the circa 5k price point) but it was the taletale sign that Virgil has the capacity to introduce a streetwear element and give it a true luxurious feel and look.

The “KEEP OFF” mat

It highlights how much of an impact this had that I’ve named it in the top 5 even at the risk of coming across a hypebeast with another Virgil design. From a practical standpoint it’s literally another mat, nothing to differentiate it from your bog standard whilst from a design standpoint it wasn’t anything you wouldn’t expect from Virgil, an ironic quote. Where this came into its own was its impact, Virgils first dabble into furniture at a mass scale, collaborating with arguably the most infamous in IKEA. The fact you had people queuing outside an IKEA, let alone teenagers was a feat that I don’t think many other people in the world could replicate.

The pharrell coat

Pharrell on Evolving Masculinity, "Blurred Lines," and "Spiritual ...

In what was GQs peak stride to display the ‘new masculinity’ it was always going to take an incredible garment to deflect some of the attention off the mythical Pharrell and this coat from the Pierpaolo Piccioli Moncler collection done exactly that, and then some. Again, it wasn’t a piece that made major waves in the mainstream ether in the sense that no one was actually going to go out, buy it and wear it. Instead its impact can be measured in ultimately what it represented in what can only really be described as a movement. A movement which had been pushed throughout the year to basically allow the average man more freedom not only from others but themselves in how they act, dress and behave and how more so than ever there’s an incessant need to break what you would call the traditional male stereotype. With that all being said, the coat itself is a true masterpiece of craftsmanship showing complete elegance with an air of dominance.

The bentgablenits Nike sweater

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Arguably the most lowkey of the selections, rapidly gaining traction as an instagram page with a low-key website that follows the every popular drop format every couple of months. In the realms of upcycling the brand takes vintage nike sweaters and then embroiders them with a luxury nike ticks. With the brand being renowned for the rope surrounded tick it gives the garment a cool, unique edge on top of what would already be a good addition to any wardrobe. I can only expect this to continue to grow with their affinities with Nike, endorsements from Drake and the ridiculously quick sell out times it’ll be interesting to see what they do next!


The Pokemon rapper cards

Supreme stone island

Loewe sunglasses