Store set-up



  • When an item sells, we take a 6% commission (plus applicable PayPal fees: 2.9% + £0.30 for domestic and 3.4% – 4.9% + £0.30 for international payments) so the total charge can from 9-11% of the total sale price. PayPal’s fee percentage is determined based on the location of the buyer’s PayPal billing address.


  • On the vendor dashboard, click on the product tab and then ‘add new product’
  • Add the relevant detail such as the product pictures, price and description whilst picking a relevant product category
  • Click on add product where you’ll be taken to a new screen
  • Change the product type to ‘variable’ from the drop down options
  • Scroll down to the ‘attribute and variation’ section and add size as an attribute
  • In the values section of the size attribute, select which size schemes you wish to add
  • Select the ‘used for variations’ checkbox
  • There will be a resulting ‘add variation’ box where you can either add by size or add a variation for all your attributes (a lot quicker)
  • You can then rearrange the order to correspond to a traditional size scheme through dragging 
  • In order for the sizing to pull through on the product in store you need to individually update the price, weight and size by variation
  • To manage stock you can then either keep it as ‘in stock’ which will result in the product always being classed as in stock. The alternative is to select ‘manage stock’ which will allow you to work on a stock on hand basis by size
  • Save variation
  • Save product
  • Finished


  • On the vendor dashboard click on the settings tab and the within that shipping
  • A selection of shipping destinations are then available, all of which should say ‘no method found’ and ‘add shipping method’
  • Click the ‘Add shipping method’ which will then take you to a screen which allows you to add different methods of shipping to that region 
  • In this new screen click ‘add shipping method’ and a pop up will pop up with the selection of methods. Choose which method you want and click ‘add shipping method’ (you can select multiple methods)
  • For the ‘flat rate’ shipping method click edit, you then have the option to add in a flat fee amount (just put the cash amount) or a % fee as explained in the pop up 
  • If you want to go into more detail you can offer either a more specific shipping class fee based on the item size (this is updated when adding your product)
  • You can then select your calculation type, whether the shipping fee is by product or for the total customer order
  • Free shipping is an option, where you can classify how much the minimum order must be to get free shipping


  • On the vendor dashboard click on the settings tab and then within that, the seo tab
  • SEO title is the title of your store and what it’ll pull through in searches
  • The meta description will allow you to have a summary for your store/brand which will show under search engine results
  • Meta keywords are the keywords for your brand such as your brand name and any unique words/styles that are relevant to your brand


  • On the vendor dashboard click on the settings tab and then within that, the social tab
  • Add in links for your relevant social media profiles