5 Podcasts to check out

My commute is tough, not as tough as it has been but still pretty naff. There’s only so much netflix I can watch as well. This is where podcasts are my saviour. They’re ideal, you can pick and choose when you start and stop without the guilty feeling of needing to finish. They’re convenient. And there’s a one for everyone. With this being a fashion site these will be heavily fashion related (except for one gem which rivals any Netflix series you’ve seen) and all in my personal rotation. Here are my 5 podcasts to listen to;

GQ Style – Corporate Lunch;

A podcast that epitomises the magazine, hosted by editor in chief Will Welch & senior editor Noah Johnson the pair target a specific topic/topics and combine both their personal preferences with their industry knowledge to drill down into it, but in a humorous and chilled out way. The shows topics range from Fashion week to ideal grooming as the guys debate and discuss throughout the hour long episodes that often contain guests from the GQ team or close acquaintances within the fashion world. Their 13 vibes is a unique and definitely the best and most fitting way to finish off the pod as they pluck random thoughts out their head that they’re ‘vibing’ with and bullet fire through their thoughts about each vibe.

Business of fashion;

A much more professional and obviously, business orientated fashion podcast, where the vibe is fairly more serious. Imran Amed, the editor-in-chief and business of fashion founder is an ever present in the series which often revolves around the latest trends/shows or more hard hitting topics within the industry. The level of quality of guests are second to none and are always worth dedicating your time to immerse yourself into their expertise. The most impressive thing with the pod alongside the quality of the production and guests is the sheer breadth of topics they have, whether it’s marketing, models rights or entrepreneurial advice the series will have a pod on it, with one of the leaders of that field.

Hypebeast – Business of hype;

Hosted by Jeff Staple, the owner and creator of staple design (a multi-division company that covers its own brand of clothing, consulting and retail space). The format is similar to the business of fashion in the sense that there’s a host and a guest, however the business of hype is focused a lot more on streetwear culture and guests, and that’s reflected in the atmosphere of the pod where it’s more relaxed and honest. The topics are always orientated around the start of the guests careers, their journeys and then their current business. Jeff does a brilliant job of getting to the nitty gritty that most people would never get a chance to hear if it wasn’t for this. This is a brilliant podcast not only if you’re into streetwear and fashion, but if there’s a business venture you want to start, this stories behind this could easily prove inspirational.

Failing upwards

Quite comfortably the least series podcast of the 5, but again still a fashion pod of sorts. Hosted by james and lawrence, helped by their unpaid intern. they often just rip the shit out of their guests, each other and do the occasional over the top add read whilst discussing the latest streetwear trends and jonah hill’s latest outfit. its the literal version of trash tv in the form of podcast, but as the saying goes “the man who insists on high and serious pleasures is depriving himself of pleasure”. it’s hilarious, funny and they often have good guests on that not only add fuel to the fire, but actually bring cool and relevant stories to the table that sometimes generate good debates and stories.


It was always going to have to take a pretty special podcast to break the run of fashion focused pods, and this is certainly something special. Effectively the podcast version of making a murderer, where journalist Sarah Koenig attaches herself to the murder case of Hae Min Lee, an 18 year old American student. The story however revolves around whether the Adnan,her ex boyfriend, who was not only charged but also convicted and serving life (he has currently served the past 18 years) is the real killer. Expect, twist and turns as you continue to second guess yourself every time you start to believe he may, just maybe, be innocent.