Top 5 tv series 2019

Given that we’re arguably in the golden age for television right with an abundance of tv shows alongside streaming originals popping up by the day the quality needed to be in the esteemed tier is getting greater and greater. A combination of bigger budgets, risk taking and wider pool of actors and actresses has led to shows being the pinnacle of visual entertainment over the likes of film and sport, with netflix now worth more than Disney showing how far the yard stick has moved. However the question is with all these extra shows it’s extremely difficult to find the time for the best ones especially given you get a different recommendation for something to watch every single day. So here are my top 5 tv shows from the past year that will I think will pass the test of time

Mr Robot (season 4)

The conclusive and almost universally accepted strongest season for a true contender for the best show of all time. The three main aspects of this season were for me were the whole plot, which was perfect. It explored everything that you wanted it to but also maintained that air of mystery that had coated every season of mr robot so far leaving enough for interpretation to want you to rewatch again and again. The acting was a level above anything that I’ve seen in years. There were so many two hander scenes which genuinely blew me away with rami malek really establishing himself as one of the best actors of the current day, showing incredible range especially when you compare to his bohemian rhapsody performance from the year before. This when you layer on the ending which pulled the whole show together perfectly ultimately leads to probably what I would say is the best show I’ve personally ever watched.

Bojack horseman (season 6)

Yet another final season of an incredibly creative show, one that is at times just as emotionally draining if not more so than the aforementioned mr robot. The expectations for this were mixed considering the background noise that it was bought to a halt earlier than planned. However yet again the show delivered, both on comedic value from time to time but also for the gut punching realisations that it delivers to you from episode to episode. Bojack horseman throughout the show has been almost an anti hero someone you naturally want to route for but don’t really understand why, that’s until this season which provides a unique spin and perspective on the show so far that really keeps you gripped until the very end, an ending of which will be sure to be cause for debate for many years.


One that I caught up with for the 2nd season, after previously trying to watch billions but losing interest relatively quick this seemed like a tough sell to me, however the reviews were great and I’d heard a lot of good things so I gave it a go. Having given it go I can honestly can I haven’t looked back and now counting down the days until the new season. It’s the perfect melting pot of entertainment, it’s cut throat, has dry humour, slapstick humour, incredible acting and is genuinely entertaining without ever coming across as deliberately trying to, instead creating the feeling you’re actually a fly on the wall in a moguls world. All of this and that’s not even including probably the best curated swearing selection of any show and of course, cousin Greg.

Westworld (season 3)

Still in the midst of the 3rd season which yet again has been incredibly strong, westworld is one that perhaps relies more on the overall plot and the special effects as opposed to incredible acting, characterisation and  emotional attachment like the ones already mentioned. The futurism and effects in both the real world and westworld immediately demands an appreciation, really honing in on production value behind the show. What takes it to another level is the plot, if the production demanded appreciation the plot demands attention in what I can only describe as a literal maze as it zigzags through timelines and character arcs throughout episodes all intertwining to create an overarching plot that you can’t wait to find out the ending of.

High fidelity

By far the least serious of the shows in what you would class as an easy watch. I went in having not seen the film and purely because the aesthetic seemed really cool and interesting. What I found was a fun plot, a bingeable easiness and a sense of relatability. The characterisation is strong with Zoe Kravitz killing the reversed role of rob, oozing a low-key coolness that is essential for the character and for the rest of the cast as they all play off one another. The plot is extremely simple however I think it plays to the shows favour, it’s not trying to be something it’s not and it plays the cards it has well. For sure a fun easy weekend watch!