Top 5 bedroom interior purchases

Recently I’ve had the opportunity for the first time in my several moves to create my bedroom from scratch. Something that was previously considered a monotonous and truly an avoid at all costs situation came to fruition and truth be told, I’ve loved the challenge.

Previously for one reason or another, whether it was just not caring about what my room looked like or having the bedroom pre-furnished there hasn’t been a need for me to go out and buy furniture. Not only that but based on my previous experiences Ive come to the realisation that pre furnished, although a pro at times, often leaves you content with how it is, draining your desire to redraft it in your own image.

As I thought out how to handle the task ahead I made the decision that I wanted to combine as much of my personality alongside an aesthetic that I enjoy. Aesthetic something which often takes priority over the personal touches leaving room devoid of life, instead creating a showroom esque ambience for a Instagram influencers feed.

Now I’m coming to a close on my purchases for room here are my five favourite purchases

Vinyl player, vinyls and wall holders

For someone who listens to music for large portions of the day the appeal to dwell into vinyl was always there but the necessity wasn’t and as a result always remained a lingering thought of ‘that’d be cool’. The move seemed the opportunity to concrete that, after investing in a rega planar 1 after considerable research (this literally came up as the universally accepted best “budget” vinyl player in every single list I saw) I then got to the fun part of buying the vinyls, not only does this really make you decide your favourite albums of all time but creates an appreciation for artwork that comes to the forefront as you’re instantly drawn into anything that looks cool until you realise it’s actually an X album.. The addition of the vinyl wall brackets now also gives my room the benefit of varying colour, personality and uniqueness and all for way cheaper price than any artwork would cost. A really cool way to present your collection

Uncut gems ball

Uncut gems basically became an addiction for me at one point last year with roughly one of every 5 sentences I said referencing it. After missing out on the clothing merch I saw this and thought that is seriously the biggest waste of money, yet a few months later I returned and thought yet again this is the biggest waste of money ever as I added to basket and bought it. But at the end of the day as howie says ‘this is how I win’.

Skateroom basquiat decks

Whilst the vinyls are great and the uncut gems is a literally representation of my love for film there was a desperate need to try and steer away from a room that was quickly headed in the direction of that of a ktt/reddit hermit user. This is where my most expensive room purchase came from. With an admiration for basquiat but deciding a print of his artworks would border on the mundane the skateroom skatedeck variation allowed for a cool twist that again gave a sense of uniqueness and elevation whilst maintainjng the personality.

Side table

From watching several hours of architectural videos the common theme in the bulk of them were the odd creative but practical pieces the homes would have. This was something that’d be ideal to have but difficult to find given it was just for a bedroom rather a full house, luckily I then came across the bedside cabinet. The industrial element which fits in perfectly with the rest of the rooms aesthetic combined with the classic ship door lock created a cool addition to something that easily could have been incredibly basic

Die lit poster and frame

Granted I said the vinyls were a better way to put artwork on your wall but that’s not to say a classic framed print also isn’t a great addition. For me the spin on the iconic die lit album cover was the perfect addition and was incredibly cheap. The print costing £12 and the frame £18