Top 5 architecture YouTube channels

Favourite architecture YouTube channels

I personally don’t know whether it’s just me, but when watching videos of modern architecture and interior design it feels almost therapeutic. Obviously with all content on YouTube there’s realms and realms of content that can take you down all sorts of wormholes, but for a more entry level dive that covers a variety of styles here are some of my favourite channels.

Favourite 5 channels


Actually encompasses a wide variety of subjects, self described as a global video channel screening the best in culture. Within the channel they have a couple different playlists that fall into relevancy. The main one being the in residence format, effectively a short interview of esteemed architects which often touches upon the sentiments of what they look for in their homes and specifically the reason they chose that one, then divulge into the details around their favourite aspects or pieces within it. This all happening at a amble pace, often cloaked with hypnotic-esque soundtrack that pieces together to create a sense of tranquility.

The second aspect of the channel that is also worth your time is the my place series. A much less serious and more fun avenue, where they work with celebrities to do a stripped back version of the in residence style. They talk over their inspirations, their jobs and how and why they came about to craft the home to their styles and needs.

Overall my favourite architecture channel for several reasons; one for the aesthetic, two because the videos are short and bingable and thirdly due to the variety and regularity of the content they provide

Never too small

A channel that will only grow in relevance given the circumstances. It’s effectively what it says on the tin, a channel around the most practical, creative and aesthetically pleasing homes from around the world where people battle to maximise their space without losing the capacity of a normal home. The videos are in more detail and dive a lot deeper into the logic and thought processes of every decision made, whilst also touching on the floor plans along with what the materials used. Still incredibly pleasing on the eye and arguably just as impressive as the artworks of the nowness where people are incredibly savvy with the space they use. The wide variety of different scenarios, cultures and executions means that no video ever feels the same, this combined with the homely yet soothing production and the well structured conversation lead to yet more bingeworthy content.

Kirsten Dirksen

Arguably the most unique of the channels and for probably that reason the most popular. A huge array of different types of videos ranging from off the grid to sustainable all the way to cave homes. This channel honestly has something for everyone, it’d be impossible to go into detail of something when I’ve barely scratched the surface myself, however one thing is for certain her expertise is unrivalled and whilst the production isn’t to the same quality of the previous two suggestions it’s not meant to be. This is truly for the people who have an appreciation of intricacies for all types of architecture, culture and ways of living and want to experience it through an attainable bite sized. Yet another channel that has an incredible upload routine, often posting videos multiple times a week whilst possessing an archive that dwarfs even the longest Netflix series.


A huge channel that has a predominantly Chinese following given its origin, however accommodates for a more global viewership through English titles and sub titles for their videos. The channel is often more orientated around culture and the ways of life of the subjects, with the architecture and interior design sometimes playing a more background role. This however never detracts away from the quality and ambiance of the homes themselves, instead in a similar vain to never too small creates an additional level of respect and understanding to the home and owner. Once again the production and ambiance from the videos creates a gripping and soothing watch that will only develop your taste and awareness.

How to architect

Honestly this has got in here purely from recommendations and word of mouth, given that my interest is more in the aesthetic rather than the details and the process I’ve never really watched any of these videos. The channel itself divulges massively into the the aspects of architectural design, with the more popular videos focusing on typography, basic design and the reasonings behind becoming one. Definitely a channel to check out if you’re wanting to go into that field of work and don’t know where to start