Maison Martin margiela: In his own words review

The coveted Martin margiela has always had a renowned mysterious presence. With only several photos of himself online feeding into a career away from the media spotlight when Reiner Holzemer’s successor to the very strong ‘dries’ documentary was announced it did create the buzz that this was finally going to be Martin Margiela stepping out from behind the curtain.

However what we got was more apt, literally in his own words as he narrates over the documentary himself only showing his hands from time to time as he mulls over his archives, going into detail behind his inspiration as he jumps through his collections throughout his career at maison Martin margiela alongside his stint at hermes. What was also great though was the brief history it gave around his education and his role models growing up, touching on his grandmother and her cut and sew craft where he’d sit and watch for hours upon end alongside some of his projects he fulfilled in Antwerp, of which several ended up escalating into the cornerstones of some of his future collections.

The combination of the relaxed nature of the documentary, the well utilised footage of his previous shows which would often elevate a point combined with limited number of outside sources, all of which gave a unique perspective. Whether it was an editor, his mentor Jean Paul Gaultier or his assistant throughout the bulk of his career they all fed in a different angle which continued to build up this personality that until this point had only been able to build off his collections.

Overall this was a great watch to show appreciation for one of the most creative and honourable designers we’ve ever seen. Perhaps the documentary was more stripped back than I was expecting, but given the aura of the subject it was never going to be an incredibly personal and detailed account and like he’s done his whole career it played into who he wants to be.