3 Films to watch out for

As always every year sundance film festival provides a few films that are guaranteed hits. Less commercial, more raw and lately, mostly by entertainment company a24 (Moonlight, ladybird, The Florida Project) who have gone on an unprecedented run in recent times, putting out hit after hits. This year is no different, as they provide two of my three films to watch out for.

Film 1 


I always get ripped to shreds when I half jokingly put Jonah Hill in my top 5 favourite actors of all time, but seriously when looking at his discography he has some cult classics which have lasted the test of time. Superbad for example, my generations american pie is a undeniable comedic classic which no teen movie has matched since its release. You also have his standout performance in wolf of wall street (which I might add he worked on for free) in a standout cast. However now it’s time for him to go behind the camera in his directorial debut with the nostalgic vibed film, Mid90s. The film is about a young kid called Stevie, who clearly is trying to find his way amidst a troubled home life, hanging with his new group of mates and skating. It’s a genre of film that’s continually being released, however in line with A24 theres a rawness to this one that feels like it’ll have an edge. The lack of a reknowed cast as well is always a positive and drives an ora of freshness. One other standout from the trailer is the impression of it actually being shot in the 90’s, with a grainy-esque style being a cool touch.

Film 2 

Under the silver lake

The second film from the aforementioned A24 studios, Under the silver lake again contains a massively underrated actor in Andrew Garfield (his performances in Boy A and hacksaw ridge are both incredible and would highly recommend watching both). The genre is described as a black comedy, noir film whilst the premise revolves around a man pushing his mind to insanity in order to find his missing neighbour who had become smitten by in his swimming pool the previous night. However that’s just the start as it takes twists and turns and leads Sam (Andrew Garfield) down a path that leads to something he could never quite have imagined. The film looks like one of a kind, the sort that takes you on a trip, leaving you gripped to your seat and questioning every moment in awe. This can’t come out soon enough.

Film 3

Sorry to bother you

A film again where my interest peaked due to the casting of the lead, Lakeith Stanfield who consistently steals the show in Atlanta has made me way more excited for this film than i probably would have been without him. The reason for that is that it looks like this film was made for him. Wacky, trippy and genius are all things that come to mind from the trailer. The plot revolves around a young telemarketer that progresses ridiculously quickly due to his unique talent of putting on a posh white man voice to customers. His rise in the business gets him to ‘power caller’ status and that’s when things start to go downhill, he then has a choice of going with his heart and his friends or to ignore his conscious to in favour of more money than he could ever imagine. The simple message is a stark contrast the the style of the film and that’s what makes it so intriguing and a definite watch.


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